Discover Chinatown

Chicago Chinatown is conveniently located on south side of the downtown area. There are many ways to get to this vibrant Chinatown neighborhood. We have carefully listed the best routes for you below
Forgotten Chinatown
Explore the culture and history of Chicago’s Chinatown on this 3 hour walking tour through Chinatown and the surrounding area.
Chinatown Tour
Discover the heart of Chinatown on this 1 hour walking tour by viewing cultural landmarks.
ChicagoChinatown_ToursMuseum and Food Tour
Dive in to the culture and cuisine of Chicago’s Chinatown by participating in this unique experience.
ChicagoChinatown_ToursTaste of Chinese Cuisine Cruise
Join in on the cruise for a sampling of Chinese and Asian cuisine from the established Chinatown restaurants while enjoying the Chicago skyline and networking.