Sophia's Choice

Sophia’s Choice

DBA Asian Pop-Up Cinema

Sophia Wong Boccio, Founder & Executive Director
30 E Adams, Suite 440,
Chicago, IL 60603

Asian Pop-Up Cinema was established on May 13, 2015 and is a Chicago-based 501 C (3) Not-For-Profit cultural organization dedicated to create interest and awareness of Asia culture through films. Launching this fall, Asian Pop-Up Cinema is a revolving contemporary Asian Film series with English subtitles taking place during the fall, winter & spring of the year. The vision of the organization is to present the 1st Chicago Asian Film Festival with Asian film talents to come to Chicago starting Spring 2017 and make it a recurring annual film festival in Chicago.

Since Asian language films do not have wide theatrical releases in Chicago, Asian Pop-Up Cinema will offer the rare opportunity to see the films on the big screens. Post screenings Q&A sessions will also allow the public to have an open discussion regarding the artists & talents involved, as well as the culture aspects portrayed through the films moderated by invited or local Asian specialists. The film series is intended to be both educational and entertaining.

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